Student Employment

 Student working at FRCC

Earn While You Learn

Student employees at FRCC perform a variety of work activities related to clerical, administrative, technical and general academic and instructional related duties. You can get paid to help provide a positive learning environment for your classmates here.

How Do I Find a Job?

There are two ways to work as a student: as a student hourly employee or through Work Study. You can search for college student jobs and apply for all open positions online. You can also ask any office or front desk on campus if they are hiring.

If you want to find full-time or part-time jobs for college students off campus, Career Services at any of the FRCC campuses can help. Additionally, you can use Wolf Careers, FRCC's online job board with exclusive part-time jobs, full-time internships and volunteer positions.

Student Hourly Jobs

Working in a student hourly position, students are permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week at FRCC during the semester and up to 28 hours per week during breaks and summer months.

To apply for student hourly positions, you must be enrolled for at least six credit hours. During the summer months, students working in hourly positions can work without taking any classes as long as they were enrolled for at least six credit hours during the preceding spring term, and they are enrolled for at least six credit hours in the upcoming fall term.

Work Study Jobs

Work study provides the opportunity to earn a portion of your financial aid assistance by working part-time, either on campus or with participating community-based partners off campus. Students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week when classes are in session, and are paid on a bi-weekly basis. 

Eligibility is determined by first completing the Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and availability of funds. Final determination is through the Financial Aid Office. Learn more about work study.

Off-Campus Student Jobs and Internships

Wolf Careers is a free online job posting board exclusively for Front Range Students. Here students can see postings from employers who open positions for our students. Full-time, part-time, internship and volunteer positions can be found. If you receive an error message please contact Include your first name, last name, student email and S#. We can have your account set up in about 24 hours. 

Career Services Help

For help on your résumé and cover letter for all positions, please make an appointment with the Career Services office on your campus.