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FRCC's Philosophy of Inclusion

Front Range Community College is committed to inclusive excellence, educational equity and advancing opportunity for all.

Inclusion is a powerful experience

Students and employees at Front Range Community College agree that inclusion evokes a sense of well-being, supports success, and fosters a sense of belonging in each person that says, “I matter.” Inclusivity within our student and employee communities is critical to achieving our vision for students at the college: that all students accomplish their educational and career goals.

We each want to feel that we belong

When students and employees feel excluded, it can be a devastating experience that negatively affects performance and personal security. We each want to feel that we belong and that we are seen, heard, and valued. We all want to thrive and not simply exist in the margins. At Front Range Community College, we are a community that works and learns together, side by side, embracing our differences—deeply respected and free to be fully known—so that we may learn and grow to reach our full potential.

Our diversity enriches the entire college community

We recognize that the success of students and employees grows from a culture of inclusivity, equity, and excellence. We believe that our diversity, which includes a full spectrum of attributes, backgrounds, cultures, identities, abilities, beliefs, and ideas, enriches lives in the entire college community. We know that including and respecting our diverse experiences and values in all of our interactions at the college is the best way to promote student success. We also recognize that our differences do not have equal impact or consequences, and we acknowledge that our differences affect how we behave, how we are treated, and how we interact.

Key elements to achieve inclusive excellence

Front Range Community College is committed to inclusive excellence, educational equity, and advancing opportunity for all. To do that, we embrace ongoing and intentional effort to live these values, particularly as issues and concerns emerge in our ever-changing world. The following key elements are necessary to achieve inclusive excellence and equity in educational outcomes for all:

  • Inclusivity and a commitment to the safety and dignity of each member of our community must be an expectation for every person in the organization regardless of title or position.
  • Institutional and personal accountability for action is essential to address adverse impacts of exclusion; consequently, the institution must develop ongoing, specific action steps to ensure inclusivity and equity, particularly for historically marginalized populations.
  • Our goals of fostering inclusivity and diversity must respect the longstanding value in higher education of welcoming diverse views and engaging in vigorous, respectful debate.
  • While acknowledging that it can be difficult to have conversations across differences, continuing to develop our individual and organizational competence with diversity, equity, and inclusion is vital.

Welcoming. Respectful. Inclusive. Together, we are FRCC.

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