College Strategic Plan

Our Mission

At Front Range Community College, we enrich lives through learning.

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Our Vision

Our vision is that all students at Front Range Community College will accomplish their educational and career goals. We will be recognized for our singular focus on student success, our exceptional teaching, our strong commitment to diverse learners and communities, and our effective business and community partnerships.

Our Goals

Goal 1: Create a Superior Student Experience

Student success requires a superior student experience in every step of each student's journey. Building on clear and well-defined pathways for students to achieve a degree or transfer, we will infuse the whole college experience with an inclusive and robust support system. We will reduce barriers to success by expanding our support for students from diverse backgrounds throughout their journey with FRCC, from connection through completion. We will promote superior instruction in the classroom and online that is built on best practices and rigorous assessment and that actively engages students in rigorous yet flexible learning opportunities. We will benefit from the creativity, expertise, and innovation of our employees, and we will promote collaboration among instruction, student services, and other departments.

Strategic Objectives:

In support of this goal, FRCC will:

  1. Design coherent and intentional pathways to completion that provide flexibility in scheduling and delivery options.
  2. Implement and measure instructional best practices that enhance student learning and foster an inclusive learning environment.
  3. Ensure that all students experience a strong start by implementing a smooth and integrated process from on-boarding through the end of the first semester.
  4. Establish robust, inclusive support systems and reduce barriers to completion to ensure students are steadily progressing towards their educational goals and successfully transitioning to the workforce or further education.

See priority initiatives for Goal #1

Goal 2: Embrace Organizational Excellence

Student success grows from a culture that fosters inclusivity, innovation, collaboration, and excellence. In all of our activities and dialog, we will strive to include and respect the diverse experiences, values and perspectives of our students and employees, and we will actively work to ensure that FRCC is a welcoming and inclusive environment. Because an investment in our employees is an investment in our students, we will recognize employee contributions and support training and professional development that help our employees, both full-time and part-time, grow. We will focus on agility and efficiency in our organizational processes since they ultimately affect our students' ability to navigate the college experience smoothly. We will invest in safe, accessible, and appealing facilities on all campuses that meet student and staff needs. We will also commit to fiscal responsibility and efficiency in all operations so that our resources can be focused on best assisting students, and we will invest in successful grant development and fundraising to broaden our funding sources. Finally, we will continue to assess our work and use data to make informed decisions.

Strategic Objectives:

In support of this goal, FRCC will:

  1. Foster a climate of inclusivity so that all students and employees, both full-time and part- time, are welcomed, supported, and valued for their contributions.
  2. Promote an environment that supports and recognizes employee engagement, innovation, and collaboration, for both full-time and part-time employees.
  3. Achieve greater agility and efficiency by streamlining processes and establishing clear organizational roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities.
  4. Secure supplemental revenue streams that support key strategic initiatives.
  5. Ensure that all employees and students can work and learn in safe, accessible, and appealing facilities.

See priority initiatives for goal #2

Goal 3: Provide Dynamic Programming through Community Partnerships

Student success requires dynamic, current, and relevant programs that lead to sustainable employment at a living wage. We will work closely with our business and community partners to educate and train highly qualified employees, develop a strong regional workforce, and identify opportunities for appropriate and responsible program development. We will develop and maintain relevant programs and partnerships that educate students for viable careers, promote life-long learning, and improve the communities we serve. We will continue to strengthen our partnerships by effectively communicating our mission, values, and contributions to our stakeholders.

Strategic Objectives:

In support of this goal, FRCC will:

  1. Strengthen relationships with local school districts and four-year colleges and universities to create seamless pathways for students.
  2. Engage community partners in developing effective and efficient credit and non-credit programs that support students' attainment of relevant skills.
  3. Broaden our outreach and community connections to create greater awareness of the college's mission, values, programs, and contributions to the community.

See priority initiatives for goal #3

Our Core Values

We value students.

We value them as people and as learners and for the diverse perspectives that they contribute.

We value teaching and learning.

We value exceptional teaching in a dynamic and varied learning environment.

We value community.

We value a sense of community and collaboration in partnerships.

We value employees.

We value the commitment, knowledge, diversity,and uniqueness of our employees. We value the strengths of our employees, as well as their potential.

We are Committed To:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Fiscal sustainability
  • Inclusiveness
  • Operational efficiency
  • Recognition and reward of employees
  • Student-focused and data-informed decisions
  • Transparency

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