Larimer Campus Honors Program

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The Honors Program at FRCC's Larimer Campus

If you're coming into Front Range Community College with top grades and test scores, our Honors Program, with its special advising opportunities and more challenging academics, is designed for you.

The honors program is currently only available at FRCC's Larimer Campus.

Honors Classes

Honors students can earn honors credit in many FRCC classes by completing an additional project and earning a B or higher in the class. 

See list of courses with approved honors projects.

Honors Program on Your Transcript

Your official transcript will say "Honors Program Completed" whether you graduate from FRCC or decide to transfer to a four-year school—if you: 

  • Are accepted into our Honors Program 
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA during your time at FRCC 
  • Take at least 3 honors classes for a minimum of 9 credits
  • Complete our two-credit Honors Capstone Project

How to Join the Honors Program

Ready to become an honors student? These three simple steps will get you started:

Step One: Take an Embedded Honors Class

To apply for the Honors Program, students must have completed at least one embedded honors class. You'll need to earn a B or higher and complete the class honors project. 

Step Two: Apply!

Once you've completed at least one embedded honors class, complete the Honors Program Application

Step Three: Speak with a Program Advisor 

Once you're in, the honors program offers special advising throughout your time at FRCC. We'll get in touch to let you know when your application has been approved and you can set up a meeting with your program advisor.


Contact us and let us know how we can help.


Feel free to reach out to our team.

Honors Program Director

Jeffrey (Mike) Long