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The Honors Program at FRCC is a great way to challenge yourself, build your resume, connect with like-minded peers and build community contacts that could lead to job opportunities down the road.

The Honors Program

The Honors Program at FRCC provides the opportunity to join a community of engaged learners—where you can benefit from learning experiences that are broader, deeper and more diverse. 

  • Build Your Skill Set & Your Confidence. Honors courses ignite a passion for lifelong learning, encouraging creativity while building skills in critical thinking, quantitative reasoning and effective written and oral communications.
  • In-Class & Extracurricular Activities. You'll have the opportunity to participate in workshops, conferences and other special events.
  • Collaborative with Like-Minded Peers. Connect and collaborate with your classmates in and out of the classroom.
  • Tap Into Mentorship Opportunities. As part of the Honors Program, you'll receive mentorship from FRCC faculty.
  • Academic Recognition. The Honors Program designation on your college transcript can give you the competitive edge—whether you're transferring to a four-year institution or going directly into the workforce.

How the Honors Program Works

Becoming part of the honors program is easy.  Once you take your first honor's class and get a B or higher, you are automatically enrolled.

Then, in order to get the Honors program designation on your college transcript, you'll need to do the following:

  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA during your time at FRCC 
  • Take at least 3 honors classes for a minimum of 9 credits
  • Complete an Honors portfolio

If you complete the program, you'll be recognized at commencement and your official FRCC transcript will include "Honors Program Completed."  

Honors Courses

There are two ways to take honors courses at FRCC: Standalone Honors courses or Honors Contract courses.

  • Standalone Honors Courses. These are specifically designed honors classes available in a variety of disciplines.
  • Honor Contract Courses. If you're interested in exploring additional Honors opportunities, we also offer traditional classes that include the option of completing projects to receive Honors credit.


If you would like to learn more about the classes we offer and how to get started, send us an email.


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