Determining Financial Need

During the award process, the cost of attendance is compared to the student's expected family contribution to determine financial need. The amounts listed on the cost of attendance chart are estimates and it is possible to attend Front Range Community College for less than the amounts listed. 

Estimating Educational Expenses

This Cost of Attendance (COA) chart is an estimate of the educational expenses of students enrolled during the academic year (fall, spring and/or summer semesters). These estimates include direct charges (tuition and fees) and indirect expenses (transportation, books, supplies, miscellaneous living expenses and food and housing). Due to the state of Colorado's legislative process, actual tuition figures may be different from those shown here. (This example below reflects a student attending for nine months, i.e. fall/spring.)

The COA below is based upon full-time attendance for fall and spring term.  The COA may be different for students who are not enrolled full time or have different degree/certificate program costs, such as nursing programs.

Additional information for tuition and fee amounts can be found at by visiting FRCC tuition and fees.

of Costs
at home*
at home
Tuition/Fees $4,740 $4,740 $16,974 $16,974
Food & Housing $14,679 $9,792 $14,679 $9,792
Books/Supplies $1,460 $1,460 $1,460 $1,460
Personal/Medical $4,761 $4,590 $4,761 $4,590
Transportation $1,665 $1,665 $1,665 $1,665
Total: $26,727 $21,669 $38,377 $33,319

* Resident tuition figures listed above include application of the COF (Colorado Opportunity Fund)

Living Expenses

Food and housing, personal and medical, transportation cost elements are estimated based on information provided by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and may not equate to your living expenses. While federal financial aid is meant to assist with the costs incurred while obtaining a degree, it is not intended to maintain a standard of living. Keep in mind that there may be a significant difference between the financial aid you are eligible to receive and the amount you would need to maintain a standard of living to which you are accustomed.

Child Care Expenses

Front Range Community College recognizes that students with dependents likely experience large expenses in paying for child care.  There are resources available at FRCC that could help to reduce the cost of childcare expenses.  Students are encouraged to look into these resources, as well as appropriately maximize their financial aid funding, as additional support during the completion of their degree program.

CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents in School) Grant

The CCAMPIS grant is awarded to students to assist in paying for up to 60% of their child care expenses for children under the age of 12. 

Qualifications for the CCAMPIS Grant:

  • Colorado resident
  • Enrolled part time or full time at any FRCC campus
  • Eligible for federal Pell Grant based upon a student's FAFSA EFC 
  • Seeking an eligible degree or certificate
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0

More information about the application process and timelines can be found on our CCAMPIS resource page or by contacting Tamara Carson at 303-678-3799.

Child Care Professional Judgment to Increase Cost of Attendance (COA)

Students who feel that their assigned cost of attendance does not appropriately reflect their personal childcare expenses can file a Professional Judgment appeal to have their cost of attendance reevaluated. This option exists to potentially increase a student's overall cost of attendance when they have additional child care expenses, have been offered up to their cost of attendance, and may have additional aid eligibility.  For more information on this process, please contact the Financial Aid Office directly.


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