Group of FRCC graduates in cap and gown.




Congratulations Grads!


We're so proud of all of the 2023-2024 FRCC graduates.  Couldn't make the ceremony? Watch the video.




Getting Ready to Graduate? Apply to Receive Your Diploma First

Congratulations, you are finishing your classes and are getting ready to graduate!

The first step is to apply to receive your degree or certificate. Remember, you must complete the Application for Degree/Certificate in order to be awarded your diploma.

To avoid any surprises, we also recommend that you use Degree Check (inside eWOLF) every semester. Here you can verify that you will be completing the requirements for your declared degree program or certificate. You will also verify that you have all the required credits and meet GPA requirements.

Application Deadlines

Semester Deadline
Spring April 1 (March 1 to have your name in the commencement publication)
Summer July 1
Fall November 1

How to Apply

Step 1: Complete an Application for Your Degree or Certificate

To make sure your application is processed, be sure to submit it by the deadline in the semester you're finishing classes. Note: late applications (submitted after the deadline) may need to be processed in the following term.

Application Deadlines:

  • Spring semester: April 1 (or by March 1 to have your name in the Commencement publication)

  • Summer semester: July 1

  • Fall semester: November 1

If you're using Financial Aid, check with a financial aid advisor about finishing your program.

If your legal name has changed, please update your records by filling out a Personal Information Change Request form in eWOLF located under Student Resources > Student Forms.

Graduation Application

Step 2: Confirm Your Degree/Certificate Program, GPA & Credits

Use DegreeCheck (inside eWOLF) every semester to verify that you will be completing all of the requirements for the degree/certificate including required courses, credits and GPA.

  1. Log into your eWOLF account and click on the Degree Check icon to review your declared degree program/certificate, course requirements, credits and GPA.     

  2. If Degree Check DOES NOT match the degree/certificate you intend to complete you will need to fill out and submit a Degree/Certificate Request Change form by main census for any given semester for us to update your degree/certificate program you plan to complete,

    • The Degree/Certificate Request form is located in eWOLF under Student Resources. Click on Student Forms and the Degree/Certificate Request will be directly under Student Record Forms

  3. Please be advised that if you submit a graduation application and it does not match Degree Check your application may need to be processed in the next semester.

  4. Contact your academic advisor with questions. 

Missing Credits? To transfer credits to FRCC:

  1. Complete the online Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form.

  2. Have the other school mail or email your official transcript directly to FRCC (no hand deliveries). You will need to request an individual transcript from each school you attended.

    • If you have received credit for prior learning, you also need to turn in the approval forms by the application deadlines above.

Log into eWOLF

Step 3: Attend the Commencement Ceremony (Optional)

The commencement ceremony is your time to celebrate your accomplishments! You'll wear a cap and gown, walk alongside your classmates and move the tassel on your cap from right to left.

The 2024 Commencement Ceremony will be held on May 9, 2024 at 5pm at the Blue Arena in Loveland. It will include students who are completing a degree or certificate during the current spring semester or who have completed a degree or certificate during the previous summer or fall semesters.


View Commencement Ceremony Details

Need a Replacement Diploma? 

Lost your previously awarded diploma? Order a replacement diploma for a certificate or degree that you have previously been awarded. 
There is a $25 reprint fee. Once your payment is received, your duplicate diploma can take a few weeks to be printed and arrive in the mail.  

Please note that any diplomas awarded over 1 year ago will have a statement on the replacement diploma indicating when the diploma was originally awarded and when the replacement was issued. 
Need immediate proof of your certificate or degree? Order a transcript, which can be emailed to you in the same day for $4.