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Are you looking for an organization that understands the importance of having a diverse workforce, and values equity and inclusion? Do you want to collaborate with others to make a difference in your community? Look no further—join the Front Range Community College (FRCC) family.

Our number one priority is student success

Our mission is to enrich lives through learning. FRCC employees have an intense focus on student success and exceptional teaching. We work together to ensure that all students at Front Range Community College can accomplish their educational and career goals.

We value excellent teaching in a dynamic and varied learning environment. We provide support for students from diverse backgrounds throughout their journey with FRCC.

We believe this is possible because the strong partnership between students, faculty and staff enables us to focus on helping our students reach their goals.

“I work on a great team at a great institution. It's an environment that supports new ideas.”

- Dion Duran, Admissions and Outreach

We are committed to inclusive excellence

Our college community has made a strong commitment to welcoming all people and embracing our diversity. We value the commitment, knowledge, diversity, and uniqueness of our employees. 

We are committed to educational equity and advancing opportunity for all. Read FRCC's Philosophy of Inclusion to get a better understanding of our commitment to inclusive excellence and why we feel it is important to the success of our students, faculty and staff. 

We impact lives everyday

One of the greatest rewards working for an educational institution is when your actions today can impact hundreds of lives for years to come. We're serious about our mission to enrich lives through learning. We live our vision every day by continually focusing on student success, exceptional teaching, a strong commitment to diverse learners, and strengthening our business and community partnerships. Learn more about our strategic priorities and values.

We have an intentional focus on meeting the needs of our local community and region. We offer dynamic, current, and relevant programs that lead to sustainable employment. Our efforts are focused on helping students succeed:

  • Nationwide, we are one of six top community colleges for student success recognized in a recent report by the Aspen Institute.

  • We are part of the American Association of Community Colleges' Pathways Project.

"The people I work with are almost like family. Everyone is willing to work together to serve students."

- Bobbie Harbert, Financial Aid Coordinator

We have strong community and industry partnerships

We are an innovative partner. Through our community and industry partnerships we've created leading edge educational and training programs in renewable energy, integrated manufacturing, law enforcement, computer technology and medical careers.

We train Colorado's workforce in current and future technologies to help ensure our state's vitality and strengthen the economy, making Colorado a great place to live and work.