Commencement Ceremony

Faculty & Staff Information

The 2024 Commencement Ceremony will be held at Blue Arena (5290 Arena Cir, Loveland, CO 80538) in the Ranch Event Complex in Loveland on Thursday, May 9 at 5 pm.

Staff and Instructors are strongly encouraged to attend Commencement. If you are unable to attend, we ask that you communicate with your direct supervisor.

To ensure proper food count, all faculty, staff and instructors are encouraged to RSVP.

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Event Schedule

3 pm Graduates, faculty, instructors and staff arrive and check in
3-4:15 pm Light buffet dinner at HomeRun Bar & Grill at Blue Arena
4 pm Doors open for guests
4:15 - 4:45 pm Faculty, instructors and staff prepare for processional
4:45 pm Processional lined up and ready
5 pm Processional begins and name reading begins
7:10 pm Reception for attendees including faculty, staff, students and their guests

Please note: This schedule is subject to change. 


For the FRCC Commencement, complimentary (free) parking is available for all faculty, staff, volunteers, students and guests at the Blue Arena.


Staff, Faculty, and Instructors can receive mileage reimbursement from their department budgets by submitting a 2024 Travel Expense Reimbursement form.

Regalia Staging Area

Faculty/staff will enter the front of the arena and proceed downstairs to drop off regalia. Volunteers will be there to direct you to the regalia location. You can put on your regalia there before dinner. Regalia must be dry cleaned/steamed/pressed before arriving at the Blue Arena. Staff won't steam gowns. Loaner caps and gowns will be available for those who need them.


light buffet dinner will be served for faculty and staff from 3 - 4:15 pm in the HomeRun Bar & Grill upstairs (elevator and stairs are available for access). Please eat quickly and head back to the regalia area to dress for the ceremony by 4:15 pm.


Faculty, instructors, and staff are invited and encouraged to participate in the processional. Please note that academic regalia is required. Once seated, please plan to remain for the entire ceremony. 

  1. Be ready to line up for the processional by 4:15 pm. Please follow marshal instructions.  For the processional, faculty/instructor/staff will line up in the hall near the regalia staging area. If you think the walk will be challenging for you, please check in with your marshal about walking down beforehand to allow more time or if you need to skip the procession, you can take your seat before the procession in the second section of chairs on the floor. 
  2. Line up for the processional by 4:45 pm. 
  3. Marshals will be faculty. Please follow their instructions.

Processional order is bagpipers, stage guests, faculty/instructor/staff then students.


This year instead of a recessional, guests will be asked to meet their graduate on the arena floor for a reception. 

After the ceremony, please remain on the arena floor for the reception to greet and celebrate with students. The reception will replace the recessional and allow graduates to celebrate with you, their family and friends!

Bags & Backpack Policy

Backpacks, coolers or large bags are not allowed. Blue Arena has a CLEAR BAG policy. Please leave your personal items in your car.

More Info

After the reception, please go to the regalia area quickly to retrieve your personal belongings. We need to be out of Blue Arena by 8:30 pm, if not earlier.

For additional details, check our Commencement Ceremony page.