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To transfer your credits to FRCC, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Apply to FRCC

Your first step is to fill out our online application.

  • Applying to FRCC is free.
  • There are no admission deadlines so you can apply anytime.
  • If you're over 17, our open enrollment policy means you're automatically accepted!

Need help? Contact one of our admissions representatives.

Apply Now

Step 2: Transfer Credit to FRCC

Complete the Transfer Credit Evaluation form to help us determine what credits you have and which will transfer. FRCC accepts credits for classes in which you earned a C- or higher. 

Learn about other credits we accept, such as AP and IB.

If you're a guest or visiting student and won't be earning a degree at FRCC (and not transferring in any credit), please see the streamlined admissions process.

FRCC can only accept official transcripts sent directly to the Office of the Registrar (by mail or electronically) from your previous college or university. They can be emailed to or sent to the FRCC campus you want to attend. Transcripts issued to the student, hand-carried, or faxed cannot be accepted. Find campuses.

Transfer Credit Form

Step 3: Log into Navigate & Complete Your To-Do Items

In Navigate, you can create course schedules, register for classes and make appointments with your advisor—all in one place.

  • Check your email for your FRCC student number (S#) and initial login information. You should receive this approximately two days after submitting your application.
  • Once you log in, you will click the To-Dos & Events tab to get started.


Step 4: Apply for Financial Aid

There are several options that can help pay for college including:

  • Grants and scholarships (free money that does not have to be repaid)
  • Loans (which you borrow and repay in the future)
  • Work-study (money earned through a job on or off campus)

Filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the first step for applying for financial aid. Learn more about FAFSA and how to apply for financial aid.

  • Students without citizenship status often qualify for state, institutional and private aid through the Colorado Application for State Financial Aid (CASFA). Get more information about CASFA.

Apply for Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF). If you're a Colorado resident, the state will help you pay for FRCC tuition.  All you have to do is apply. Learn how to apply for COF.

Apply for scholarships. Scholarships are a source of free money to help you pay for school. Discover what's required and how to apply for our merit- and need-based scholarships.

Step 5: Meet with Your Advisor

Your advisor is here to guide you during your time at FRCC. They'll help you:

  • Develop your educational plan
  • Choose your major
  • Select the right courses for your program
  • Connect with resources you may need within the college or within your community
  • Answer any transfer questions that you might have

All new students must meet with their Academic Advisor before registering for classes. You can schedule a new student advising appointment in Navigate or by calling your campus advising office:

  • Boulder County Campus: 303-678-3722
  • Larimer Campus: 970-204-8332
  • Online Learning: 303-404-5513
  • Westminster Campus: 303-404-5300


Step 6: Register for Classes

After you've developed your academic plan with your Academic Advisor, you're ready to register for classes in Navigate. Check out our registration instructions and tutorials.

Note: New students must meet with their Advisor before registering for classes.

Register for Classes

Step 7: Attend a New Student Orientation (NSO)

We believe in giving you the strongest possible foundation for your education. Research shows that those who attend a new student orientation feel more connected and prepared during their college experience.

At orientation you'll get to know what it's like at FRCC, meet other students and your Academic Advisor, and learn how to be a successful college student.

You can sign up for New Student Orientation in Navigate under the To-Dos & Events. Learn more about FRCC's New Student Orientation.

Step 8: Pay Your Bill

Review your statement and financial aid award in our student portal, eWOLF. There are two options for payment:

Get details on payment options.

Get instructions on how to check financial aid awards in our student portal, eWOLF.

Check the academic calendar for the payment deadline and be sure to pay your bill or set up a payment plan by that date.

After You're Enrolled