Students can complete one of the appeal forms below to submit to multiple areas of the college. Please review the reasons for appealing to Front Range Community College below and gather any supporting documentation before completing.  For more information about each appeal, please visit that web page or contact your Academic Advisor for assistance.

Appeal of Academic Suspension

Use this form if you need to appeal the status of an academic suspension to enroll in classes.

Academic Suspension Appeal

Appeal of Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Use this form to appeal a financial aid hold due to academic progress. Get more information about the SAP appeal. 

Financial Aid SAP Appeal

Appeal for Grade Change/Program Denial

use this form to appeal a final grade for a class, denial of admission to an academic program or denial of graduation application.

Grade Change/Dismissal from Program Appeal

Appeal for Academic Withdrawal/Extenuating Circumstances

Use this form to appeal for withdrawal from a class or classes after the deadline, due to an unexpected medical issue or other extenuating circumstances. You can also use this form to appeal for a drop and refund of classes due to an institutional error.

Administrative Withdrawal/Drop Appeal