Boulder County Campus Tutoring

We offer a variety of services, including tutoring for specific courses or to learn foundational study skills.

Course-Specific Tutoring

If you are a FRCC student enrolled in a for-credit FRCC or CCCS Online course, you're eligible for free weekly individual tutoring per course. We are offering both remote and in-person tutoring.

We provide scheduled, weekly tutoring sessions from the time you begin your session through the end of the semester. We offer two types of tutoring: individual sessions and group sessions.

For individual tutoring, we offer one session per week per course requested. For group tutoring, you can attend two sessions per week for that group. 

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Foundational Skills Tutoring

Foundational skills tutoring covers basic computer skills and general study skills.  Any Boulder County Campus student enrolled in any for-credit course at FRCC may request a study skills tutor and/or a basic computer skills tutor.

  • Study skills tutoring supports academic success strategies such as note taking, time management, organization, and test preparation and general accountability. These skills can be applied to any course work during any semester.
  • Study skills tutoring sessions are customized to meet the individual need of each student.
  • Students requesting Foundational Skills tutoring are usually scheduled for four to six weekly one-hour sessions.
  • Students with no or very limited knowledge/experience using a personal computer (PC) may request a tutor for Basic Computer Skills.  We do not offer tutoring for Apple operating systems.  Basic Computer skills does not cover MyCourses.  For MyCourses assistance, please contact the FRCC Online Learning office.

How to Schedule a Tutor

The first step to getting started is to complete the Tutor Request Form.

Once you've completed the tutor request form, a member of the tutoring office staff will contact you by telephone and/or email. Remember to check your student eWOLF email account regularly when requesting a tutor.

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is available for certain subjects. Call 303-678-3900, email Aaron VanBerg or visit the center for availability.


Feel free to reach out to our team.

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