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Below is a list of commonly asked questions about apprenticeships at FRCC. If you need additional help, feel free to reach out to our team.

Why should I apply for an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships let you earn while you learn, combining real-world experience with classroom instruction. You'll be under the guidance of an experienced mentor who can guild your path. Once completed, you can gain the competitive advantage by training in high-demand areas.

Who are apprentices?

Apprentices can be anyone looking to jumpstart a new career or begin their career in a high-demand field. They include:

  • Recent high school graduates
  • Experienced workers looking to shift their career focus to a different field.
  • Military veterans transitioning to civilian life
  • Minimum age of 18

What is the length of training?

Class hours vary depending on the occupation you chose, with a minimum of 144 hours. On-the-job learning requires 2,000 hours minimum as an apprentice.

How can I get more information?

Sheena Martin
303-404-5718 | Email


Technology & Cybersecurity
Chris Heuston
303-404-5716 |  Email


Chris Heuston
303-404-5716 | Email


Tree Care & All Others
Chris Heuston
303-404-5716 | Email

Can I enroll in classes if I’m not an apprentice?

The Arborist program requires that someone is hired as an apprentice. All other programs are open to traditional students who want to take classes to train in that area, even if they aren’t hired as an apprentice.  Learn more about getting started at FRCC here:


Am I guaranteed an apprenticeship spot?

Since an apprenticeship is a job, employers manage all hiring decisions. Apprenticeship spaces are limited.  Front Range Community College is a partner with employers to promote opportunities but does not make hiring decisions.


Is there funding to help pay tuition if I’m hired as an apprentice?

The majority of programs are eligible for financial aid. Funding may also be available through the Workforce Centers, scholarships, employer support or other opportunities.  Apprenticeship staff will work to connect apprentices with funding support when available.


Can I apply for an apprenticeship with more than one employer?

You’re welcome to apply to more than one employer to see if you may be offered a position.  If you accept a position with one employer, be sure to withdraw your application from anywhere else you applied.


Do I have to have experience to be an apprentice?

Employers hire apprentices with the knowledge that they will be taking classes and learning on the job to train for that position so prior experience isn’t required. If you have any prior experience, or any transferable skills, be sure to include those on your resume.




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