Tasman William Frink Memorial Scholarship

Zack Swanson photo

Tasman’s family has established the Tasman William Frink Memorial Scholarship for students pursuing a degree and/or certificate in Emergency Management Services. Tasman was born in Sydney, Australia and moved to the US as an infant. He grew up in Portland, Oregon, where he graduated from Sunset High School in 2021. He completed two years at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder before his career aspirations dramatically changed. His shift from Business to Medicine was motivated by a desire to do good in the world. Accordingly, Tasman began pursuing his EMT certification at Front Range Community College in Longmont, Colorado in 2024. He was one week from successfully completing the program before his accidental death at the age of 21.

Tasman was known for his high intelligence, quick wit and penchant for pranks. He loved hiking, snowboarding, and riding bikes in nature with friends. A talented artist, Tasman loved to draw and create collages. He loved capitalism, business deals, stock options, interior decoration, Amazon, deadlifts, jewelry, and cooking up a big steak dinner. He loved his family, friends, cats, and his Siberian husky.

During a time in his life when he was at loose ends, FRCC provided a path forward and a community. Tasman was excited about the program, and his family was thrilled he had found a vocation he was passionate about. The intent of this scholarship is to honor Tasman’s memory by completing what he started by endowing students who share his passion for a career in EMS.

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