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Supreme Court Affirmative Action Statement

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As a college community committed to providing access to higher education for all, Front Range Community College’s leadership was disheartened to hear the news of yesterday’s Supreme Court decision, which ends almost all consideration of race in college admissions. This effectively puts an end to affirmative action in higher education and will disproportionately impact students of color who have been historically underserved by colleges and universities in the US.

We are disappointed by the court’s decision because it misinterprets how race-conscious admissions processes work and why colleges have them in the first place. We are concerned that hard-working and talented students will be denied access to some of our nation’s top colleges and universities as a result of this decision.

At FRCC, we are a community that works and learns together, side by side, embracing our differences. As an open access college, we meet students where they are and accept everyone who applies. We know that our diversity makes us stronger and enriches our learning. FRCC will continue our critical work to erase equity gaps—and we are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment that helps all of our students reach their educational and career goals. 

Dr. Colleen Simpson
President, Front Range Community College