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Counselors are Key

Concurrent Enrollment provides opportunities for high school students to work towards or complete a certificate or degree.

Counselors play a key role in the program, including identifying students, helping with course selection based on a student's ICAP, and partnering with FRCC around enrollment and student concerns.

Concurrent Enrollment is intended for students with varied goals, including those who plan to transfer to a four-year institution and those who may not see themselves as college-bound.

Our Larimer Campus Concurrent Enrollment team is available to help with questions about Concurrent Enrollment, placement testing, course registration, advising and general college support. Please contact our team at any time for questions or student needs at 970-204-8370 or email us

Getting Started in Concurrent Enrollment


Students are encouraged to use Concurrent Enrollment as an opportunity to take classes that most directly apply to their future goals. FRCC has options for students to best meet those goals, earn a credential and prepare them for the workforce.



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