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Thank you for your commitment to the FRCC Concurrent Enrollment Program! Your time, expertise and commitment teaching in our High School Select program are greatly appreciated!

As you continue to teach FRCC classes, be sure to connect with your faculty department lead for professional development opportunities, curriculum and any other instructional questions.

Curriculum Questions

Instructors are assigned a designated FRCC concurrent enrollment faculty lead to support the classroom experience and curriculum of each FRCC course taught at the high school. Please reach out directly to your assigned faculty contact with questions about course design, curriculum, course texts, facility/equipment needs and other resources.

Syllabus Requirements

When creating your syllabus, use the FRCC Syllabus Guidelines and work with your concurrent enrollment faculty lead for submission and approval. The concurrent enrollment department will provide the important course information and dates that you will need for our syllabus before the beginning of each semester.

Checking Rosters

Please check your FRCC rosters in eWOLF on a regular basis to be sure they match the rosters in your high school student information system. A guide for how to check rosters will be emailed to all instructors just after the term begins.

Submitting Grades

All FRCC grades are entered in the college's eWOLF system at the end of the term.  Final grades MUST be submitted by the FRCC deadlines. A guide to help you enter grades will be emailed to all instructors just before the term ends. If you have any questions or concerns about submitting your grades, please contact Lauren McPherson at or 970-204-8417.

Adding Additional Courses

If you are interested in teaching an FRCC course that you have not previously taught, please contact Laura Culotta at or 970-204-8450. Qualifications required may vary by course. Please see the Concurrent Enrollment Instructor Calendar for deadlines to submit new course requests. 

Using MyCourses

For more information about MyCourses trainings and tutorials being offered, log in to MyCourses. MyCourses can also be accessed through your eWOLF portal.



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