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Welcome to the Campus Select Program at FRCC!

Now that you have completed your enrollment steps and are registered for classes, please see important updates and information below.

  • The first day of Fall semester is Monday, August 19, 2024. Please see the FRCC Academic Calendar for additional important dates including registration dates, campus holidays, and payment deadlines.
  • Log into eWOLF, click on the drop down arrow "Registration" and choose "Detailed Student Schedule" with drop and withdrawal dates. Print or save this schedule to provide for your counselor and to purchase your books.
  • Check the FRCC bookstore website to find your required textbooks for each class. Although your school district will cover tuition for approved classes, students may be responsible for purchasing textbooks and other course materials. Check with your district to see what course materials you may be responsible for.

To view/order your textbooks and any additional materials, please check the My Courses section of your eWOLF account and select "Order your textbooks." This will take you to the bookstore site with your specific courses pulled up, along with all related course materials.

  • Register for a Campus Select Start-Up Session! This is a time for you to meet members of our team, learn about the resources available to you on campus, and get some exclusive swag! Don't forget to bring your class schedule - we'll show you to your classroom so you're ready for your first day! 

Fall 2024 Campus Select Start-Up Session Registration


Campus Select Start-Up Sessions will take place in August 2024. These sessions are designed to support students in using the eWOLF/MyCourses online student portals, learning how and where to access academic and student supports available on campus, and touring the campus to find classrooms and other important campus highlights.



If you have questions or need additional support, please reach out to our office at or 970-204-8370

Additional Information

If your class will be meeting on campus anytime during the semester (including late-start classes), we encourage you to check out Larimer Campus Maps or take a virtual tourto locate your classrooms before your first class meets.

  • Be sure to log in to eWOLF regularly to check your email and access your classes on the first day of the semester through MyCourses.
  • Remember to pay your student fees in eWOLF (select the 'Pay My Bill' icon). Although your school district will cover tuition for approved classes, students may be responsible for paying student and course specific fees. Please check with your district to learn what course fees you may be responsible for.
    • If you check your account prior to November or April (for Fall and Spring terms, respectively), tuition may show on your account. Any costs that your school district pays for will be removed from your account around November/April, at which point you will be able to see any costs/fees you owe. If you have questions about the payment amount, please contact the Cashier's office at 970-204-8149.
      Remember to identify yourself as a Concurrent Enrollment student

Having Trouble Logging In?

If you're having trouble accessing eWOLF or MyCourses you can:

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